Disability Access Control and Locksmiths Help

There are often difficulties in finding access friendly businesses for disabled people, however we look more into the issue below, including products that could be considered, and best practices to help people and businesses upgrade their disabled friendly locations.

You can find quite a lot of disabled friendly access control products at Locks Online, including buttons, lock key pads, and much more. A hands free access can often be a better way to manage external doors, such as automatic pads on the floor, or movement sensors above the doorway, which can both be activated by a disabled person, either on foot or in a wheelchair. This video shows some of the popular hands free access control options there are.

There is often talk about discrimination with disability access, but how can you really tell when something has been accidental or whether it’s deliberate laziness or poor practice. Discrimination is a terrible offense, and is definitely a crime punishable by law, however we believe that it can be avoided all together with the proper education, emotional intelligence, and empathy, to understand how the other person feels and how it’s difficult for a disabled person to get around. There are strict acts around Disability discrimination, which must be adhered to, the Citizens Advice website is a fantastic resource for this, as well as other things around the law and personal well being.

Choosing a Locksmith to Install Disabled Access Control

We have some recommended locksmiths below where you can get a specialist to install your disabled access control, they are the best in the area and can be trusted to install your locks safely, and professionally.

Around London:

West London – Acton Locksmiths http://www.actonlocksmith.co.uk/access-control

Around the Midlands:

Leicester – AJ Locksmiths Leicester http://www.ajlocksmithsleicester.co.uk

Around Scotland:

Glasgow – Caledonian Lock & Safe https://www.caledonianlock-safe.co.uk/Access-and-door-entry

For more information about locksmiths and safety, visit the official Master Locksmiths Association, or watch the video below:

If you have any experience with this, or you need any recommendations on the best type of disability access you should choose, then feel free to contact us via our email address.

Some further resources on access control and locksmiths have been included below as references: