Workstep Supported Employment

What is Workstep

Workstep is a government-aided supported employment scheme that was introduced on 1 April 2001. It provides job support to over 22,000 disabled people who face barriers to getting and keeping a job, but who can work effectively with the right support. It gives eligible disabled people an opportunity to empower themselves and progress from supported employment to open unsupported employment. The Workstep programme offers practical assistance to employers that include advice, support and access to an employee-training fund.

The aim of Workstep is to provide support in employment for people with disabilities. Workstep will focus on ensuring that all participants have access to development opportunities.

Who is eligible?
Do you have a disability?
Are you working?
You may be eligible for Workstep support.
Contact the team and they can advise you on what support you may be entitled to.

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